Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to avoid being dependent on tech gadgets because of their vast essential uses. It’s crucial to know how to pick the smartwatch of your choice and ensure that you get the most features out of it. This article explores and takes into account the features you should take into consideration when shopping for a smartwatch.

Many people nowadays opt for smartwatches rather than the normal traditional watches because of various reasons, with the most common reason being that a smartwatch syncs with your smartphone, therefore, keeping you connected without necessarily reaching into your pocket every time your phone buzzes. You can easily share data between your smartwatch and your smartphone by synching the two devices. In addition, you can share the recorded data on your smartwatch with apps in your smartphone. Finally, smartwatches have a dynamic look and offer more features than a phone.

Smartwatches popularity has increased exponentially in the recent years. All big names in the industry such as Apple, Google, Samsung, and Fitbit are now involved in designing smartwatches to cater to various consumer needs.

What makes a smartwatch unique and why you should get one?

Smartwatches are jam-packed with various on-device and customizable apps. You have the ability to stay in touch and up to date by viewing notifications on your wrist. They also monitor your health and are quite helpful when it comes to time management. To fulfill the ever-growing smartwatch consumers’ needs most watch companies such as Tag Heuer and Fossil have ventured into designing and producing smartwatches. Although the designs and features may vary, there are common features found in almost all smartwatches including GPS and a heart rate sensor.

Features to consider when shopping for a smartwatch?

There are hundreds of smartwatches out there like most people you are wondering what should one really considers when they want to purchase a smartwatch?

Smartwatch OS/Compatibility

What is the use of a smartwatch that is not compatible with your phone? Before settling for a smartwatch, ensure it is compatible with your phone. Do you have an Android smartphone? go for an Android smartwatch. If you have an iPhone, then opt for an Apple smartwatch. It would be inconvenient if you bought a smartwatch whose OS is different from that of your phone. It is worth noting that Apple watches only work with iPhones while Samsung Tizen watches and Google’s Wear OS platform work with both Android phone and iPhones.

Battery Life

Various smartwatches have varying battery life. Depending on how often you assess power and your demands, consider going for a watch that has long-lasting battery life compared to those with low battery life. Hybrid smartwatches have a longer battery life in comparison to touchscreens.

Watch Band/Clasp

Often, features in a smartwatch may be enticing to the point that you forget to look at the wristband. When purchasing a smartwatch, take your time to try out the smartwatch and see if it fits you.

Smartwatches bands similar to normal watch bands come in many styles including rubber straps, chain straps, and leather straps. The design and body are as important as the smartwatch features. A good strap will ensure that your watch is safe and doesn’t get ruined.

Fitness tracking

If you are into fitness and you care about your health, go for a watch that has GPS to enable you to track your walks and runs. Also, consider getting a watch with a heart rate sensor. The heart rate sensor calculates your heartbeat and the number of calories you lose.

Calling Function

Did you know that there are various smartwatches that allow you to make and receive calls? Some smartwatches are fitted with a microphone that allows you to make and receive calls.  There is also a place to fit in a SIM card.

Various Dials

One of the features that make smartwatches irresistible is the availability of different dials as opposed to traditional dials. Imagine the possibility of changing your dial weekly to match to your mood. Remember to check the number of pre-installed dials in your smartwatch before making the purchase and also check whether it allows you to download more dials from the app store.

Speaker and Microphone

Smartwatches have speakers that allow you to either listen to music or voice recordings. Check and purchase a decent speaker since smartwatches don’t have the 3.5 mm jack. However, you can use Bluetooth earplugs as an option because smartwatches feature Bluetooth connectivity.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Connectivity

Smartwatches connect with your phone through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Bluetooth connects for short distances similar to any other device. Wi-Fi connection is important because it allows you to receive notifications including calls, texts, and emails.

Popular Smartwatch Options

Apple Watch

It doesn’t come as a surprise that the Apple Watch only works with the iPhone. The watchOS App Store is available in the preinstalled Apple Watch app on your iPhone. Using that option, you can install the various watch versions of iOS apps that you prefer.

The store has various options including fitness-tracking apps, games, and extensions of your favorite apps. Through your Apple Watch, using the extensions of your favorite apps, you can receive Trello cards and Slack notifications.

Fitbit Versa

It is worth noting that although the Fitbit Versa works both in Android and iPhone, Android phone owners don’t get quick replies to incoming text messages as compared to iPhone users.

Samsung Tizen

The Gear Sport and Gear S3 versions work both in Android and iOS phones. However, they have more features in the Android version specifically Samsung phones.

Google Wear OS Smartwatch

Launched in 2007, the Android Wear 2.0 came with a host of new features including Google Assistant support, advanced fitness-tracking features and installing apps directly.

In March 2018, Google upgraded the smartwatch platform to Wear OS that supports cross-platform compatibility. With this platform, you only need to download the Wear OS app and then connect the smartwatch to your smartphone.

This smartwatch runs in Android versions with Android 4.3 or higher. If you have an Android phone and you want to check out whether your phone is compatible, you can go to

The Google Wear OS smartwatch also operates in iPhones. However, there are various unavailable options including connecting the watch to Wi-Fi and adding apps.

Are you thinking of Purchasing a Smartwatch for activity tracking? Here are some popular choices for different activity modes.

Best Smartwatches for Fitness Tracking

  • Apple Watch Series 2
  • LG Watch Sport
  • Fitbit Alta HR
  • Polar M430
  • Garmin Forerunner 935

Best Run Tracking Smartwatches

  • Garmin Forerunner 645 Music
  • TomTom Spark 3 Cardio + Music
  • Apple Watch Series 4
  • Garmin Fenix 5 Plus series
  • Amazfit Stratos

Best Swim Tracking Smartwatches

  • Apple Watch 4
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch
  • Moov Now
  • Fitbit Versa
  • Garmin Forerunner 935
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