A smartwatch has become the ultimate smartphone accessory today. You can use your smartwatch to view time, important notifications, pay for shopping or meals and track your fitness stats straight from your wrist. This is just a tip of the iceberg, most smartwatch models can perform so much more tricks including enabling the user to surf the internet, track your location using in-built GPS or even improve your overall health by monitoring your heart rate. You’re wrong if you think that a smartwatch is just another geeky accessory because they have now become the ultimate fitting and fashionable accessory. Truth is a well-fitting smartwatch looks absolutely stunning on a small wrist. Forget the ugly, bulky monstrosities that were mostly adorned by ardent tech addicts. Smartwatches today are available in a wide range of sizes, designs, finishes, and options tailor-made specifically to your needs, and most importantly your small wrist 🙂

How to select the perfect watch size for your wrist?

Generally, if you have a small wrist, you will prefer a smaller watch that comfortably fits you. Here is a guide to help with that

Watch case diameter

A watch case diameter is the most noticeable and obvious element of proportion. Men’s watches commonly range from 38mm to 46mm. Anything below 38mm leans into women’s size watches or jewelry. Figure out what size works for you by measuring your wrist using a dollar bill. A dollar bill is 6 inches in length if your wrist is 6-7 inches you are a small to medium wrist size. Small to medium diameter cases are 42mm, 40mm and 38mm. If your wrist is 7.5-8 inches, you will be proportion with larger cases which range from 44-46mm.

Watch Case Thickness

Normally the case thickness directly correlates to case diameter and as a general rule, as the case diameter decreases or increases the case thickness does the same. The watch case thickness on 38mm-42mm case diameter is about 7mm thick while the watch thickness increases to about 9mm for 44mm watch case diameter and more. Watch case thickness is best proportionate to your body with the right case diameter.

Watch Details

This includes the watch components such as the hour and seconds hands, the numbers, changer, lug size, and the pusher. The bigger the thickness and size of these components, the more they give the illusion that a watch is larger. If you have smaller wrists, these components might cause the watch to appear out of proportion.

Watch Band Width

For a well-proportioned watch, the bandwidth should be about half of the watch’s case diameter. The watch bandwidth should be about 20mm if you wear a 40mm watch. As per your style preference you may want to purchase a watch with a wider band width if you have larger wrists and smaller band widths if you have smaller wrists.

Watch Band Material

For a slimmer look always go for leather bands, metal watchbands usually appear heavier and larger even when they are the same size as a leather band.

Most companies are still struggling to get all their flagship tech and sports features compacted into smaller smartwatches as time changes and the demand for smaller watches increase. Here are some of the best smartwatches for small wrists:

Best Smartwatches For Small Wrists

Samsung Galaxy Watch

With continued emphasis on fitness and health, Samsung Galaxy Watch is truly an amazing, gorgeous and perfectly fitting high-end tech piece fitted with an excellent bezel-control system, a superb display and the never-ending supply of essential apps.


The Samsung Galaxy Watch comes in three colors and two sizes. The larger 46mm model comes in rose gold or black while the smaller 42mm model comes with a silver case a black strap and bezel. The straps on both models are 22mm silicone.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch features a color-rich and bright 1.3-inch super AMOLED screen on the 46 mm watch and 1.2-inch AMOLED screen on the 42mm watch.

The Samsung Galaxy watch has an advertised battery of up to 4 days for the 42mm model and up to 3-days battery life on its 46mm model.

The smartwatch features sensors such as Light Sensor, Gyro Sensor, HR Sensor, Accelerometer and Barometer.

The smartwatch offers automatic exercise tracking for up to six workouts.

Samsung Galaxy Watch is waterproof up to 50M.


The Samsung Galaxy Watch looks like a normal wristwatch. The rotating bezel and circular screen makes the smartwatch look functional, stylish and durable.

The smartwatch is available in two sizes which are easily customizable with unlimited stylish watch faces and interchangeable bands.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is durable with its water resistant, swim ready Corning Gorilla Glass DX + that prevents the display from scratches.

Easy access to a variety of features on your wrist, you can make calls, respond to texts, access playlists, headlines, and scores even when your phone is out of reach.


The screen lags when its woken.

There are a few apps for Tizen.

Bixby is far less capable as an assistant.

Amazefit Bip

Bip is one of Amazefit’s premier line of wearables that effortlessly track activity without sacrificing performance or style. With a clear-cut Apple Watch-inspired design, Bip is not only comfortable to wear on a small wrist, but it also packed with a suite of smart features to keep you productive and organized.


Bip features a range of options and colors to go with any outfit. Weighing only 32g (1.1oz), you can comfortably wear the watch all day.

Bip features built-in GPS, GLONASS, 3-axis accelerometer, barometer, compass and optical heart rate monitor that allows you to accurately track a wide range of activities. The special sports mode feature gives you a more detailed insight to your frequent activities.

Stay connected, productive and organized with one-way text messages, incoming call, emails, and notifications.

Bip’s advertised battery life is up to 45 days on regular use which includes sleep and activity tracking.

The smartwatch is rain-, dust- and splash-proof.


The smartwatch is extremely lightweight with soft and high quality wrist bands that perfectly and comfortably fit all wrist sizes.

Bip’s standard 20mm model straps are common so you can easily swap with different bands including leather straps.

The smartwatch’s transflective color display absorbs light for better visibility and doesn’t drain the watch’s battery. The display is always on; you can clearly view the time, date, weather, steps, and sports stats information.


The one-way response feature means that you can’t respond to notifications.

The smartwatch has no speaker or mic which makes it impossible to make calls, listen to music or watch a video on your device.

The step and heart rate information isn’t always precise.

Apple Watch Series 3

Apple has kept its momentum when it comes to wearables. The Apple Watch Series 3 isn’t just an evolution of its wearable line but a successful replacement to its predecessor. The Apple Watch 3 oozes comfort as a longevity and fitness partner.


The smartwatch comes in space grey aluminum, silver or gold aluminum with space black or silver stainless steel cases which pair astonishingly great with an assortment of band styles and colors.

The Apple Watch 3 is available in two sizes the 42mm and the 38mm models with a sleek watch body aesthetic which is light on the wrist. Both models feature the AMOLED screen.

The Apple Watch 3 has an up to 18-hours battery life on normal use.

The smartwatch is water resistant up to 50M.

The Apple Watch 3 is fitted with WatchOS 4 and features a Heart Rate app, barometric altimeter and a faster dual-core processor. The barometric altimeter assists in activity tracking.


The watch is light and elegant fitted with an optimal display that clearly displays more data on your wrist.

The display uses OLED technology making it bright, clear and vivid you will have no issues viewing the screen.

The smartwatch gives its users access to stream music from Apple Music as well as access to any Apple Music radio station and Beats 1 live even when they have no access to Wi-Fi or away from their iPhone.

The smartwatch wrist bands with incredibly light sport loop that fits any wrist comfortably.

The call quality and the battery performance on such a small device is impressive.

The smartwatch offers fantastic and a wide variety of fitness features.


Apple Watch 3 is only compatible with iPhones.

The Apple assistant Siri is patchy on the Apple Watch 3, often Siri has a problem connecting.

Fitbit Versa

Fitbit Versa is a much smaller and better-looking smartwatch that is sure to appeal anyone with a small wrist. This high quality and stylish device is advertised as US lightest metal smartwatch jam-packed with comprehensive sensors.


Fitbit Versa comes in two models the small 140-180mm version and the larger 180-220mm variant. The smartwatch is lightweight and comes in a comfortable designed anodized aluminum body.

The smartwatch stores more than 300 songs and provides on-screen workouts on your wrist that coach through different moves as well as track floors climbed and swim laps.

Fitbit Versa provides all day activity tracking including sleep tracking and continuous heart rate tracking. There more than 15 exercise modes available and the smartwatch can track select workouts and sports using SmartTrack including female health tracking.

The smartwatch has an advertised battery life of up to 4 days. The watch is water resistant up to 50M.

Access to various apps and receive app, calendar, calls and text notifications on your wrist.


Fitbit Versa features a lightweight and sleek design with a variety of options. At 0.8 ounces the smartwatch feels much lighter on a wrist you might even forget you have the watch on.

The smartwatch is easily customizable with the variety of affordable watch face, wrist bands and apps options available including leather bands.

The watch features a brightly lit display with clear on-screen information.

The female health tracking feature allows women to record their period symptoms and gain insights into potential health conditions including fertility.


Swapping the wrist bands is quite a task because the straps are held in place by pins that have to slide to release the band.

The smartwatch has no built-in GPS.

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